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Organic goat yogurt lemon ( PT-0042-125-L )
Organic goat yogurt lemon
Organic Desserts
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Same composition as the more natural organic probiotic yogurt lemon with marmalade made with organic lemon and agave syrup. It comes in pack of 2 pcs. of 135gr. The crops consist of unique and distinct strains of the bacteria Lactobacillus delbrueckii susp. Bulgaris and streptoccocus thermophilus, ensure that the development of aroma and flavor during acidification is controlled and is uniform in the various factories. The ability of crops viscolante allows obtaining a high viscosity. Provides the benefits of yogurt (helps digestion, intestinal flora and provides clean our body from external aggression), plus the benefits of goat milk (intake of calcium, phosphorus, pantothenic acid and folic acid). It is a great alternative for a good diet and functional food. The largest proportion of B-casein and serum albumin, reduces problems with allergies and intolerance, especially in the elderly and children. Minimum shelf life on delivery: 28 days
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