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Organic Goat Kefir ( PT-0043 )
Organic Goat Kefir
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The goat kefir, millennial consumer, is a carbonated fermented sour milk. Those responsible for the formation of Kefir goat Kéfiranofaciens and Lactobacillus are Lactobacillus Kefir. With the double fermentation, kefir goat Ecological Cerron, we obtain a reduction of lactose. The LAB reduce milk sugar giving rise to lactic acid, which is responsible for the sour taste of goat Ecological Cerron Kefir. Its use is recommended for children and elderly with gastrointestinal and metabolic disorders, allergies or eczema skin, stimulating the immune system, also has antimicrobial activity against pathogenic bacteria (eg Salmonella) and against pathogenic fungi, is presented in 500ml bottles, and in boxes of 12 units. Expiration minimum delivery: 45 days
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